Friday, 27 July 2012

T2 Academy Awards

Thursday the 25th of June was a very special day for Tamaki Primary.
We were having Academy Awards for the whole school. We all dressed up as movie stars and looked awesome. Everyone in the school looked like real stars. We all lined up on the dots outside the office and waited for Mrs Hansell. When she came out she was with Willy, Willy looked like Michael Jackson with his white suit and his hat and Mrs Hansell looked like, well...I don’t know, beautiful I guess.

Mrs Hansell said a few words about how we looked and what we were going to do soon and some other stuff but I couldn’t wait to walk on the red carpet. The first class that went first was room 6 then room 5 and so on. Once I touched the carpet with my foot it felt smooth and silky.  My, it was red as an apple. It was cool! While I was walking, I was doing my signature moves. You know, doing my looks and smiling at all the cameras showing my white teeth like “chick ching” with my friend Misimoa.

When we got inside we all sat down on the blue chairs and the little kids sat on the floor. The movie started with a big title saying Movie Magic with stars around it. Everyone looked excited with a big smile on their faces they looked surprised. The movie started with Darwin and Chasity’s movie and some other people, and it was awesome. The whole film was like 1hour and 30 minutes.  I nearly fell asleep but I said to myself “I’ve got to stay awake.” I was slapping my face while I was saying it.  When it finished I looked around me and everyone looked exhausted.

Mrs Hansell walked to the stage and said “What a great film wasn’t it?”  After that we did the awards for best editor, best actor and best expression. At the end my friend Misimoa won an award for best actor and I was happy for him. I was shouting out “Whooo! Go MIsimoa!” They all
took a picture with a big smile and said “Cheese!” When it was all done, we were all celebrating
jumping up and down in the air. It was a fun day and cool!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

T3 Jelly Bean Geometry

I am a polyhedron shape that has 8 corners 12 edges and 6 corners who am I?

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Reading GoalsT3W1

My Reading Goals for Term 3 are:
  • Make use of prior knowledge by using the things I already know, making connections and asking myself “What do I already know about this topic?”

  • Explore the author’s purpose and question intent by asking “Why did the author write this book?”