Friday, 19 October 2012

Teaching Room 4 Netbook skills

Here is me and my partner Mairangi.  I am teaching him netbook skills so that when
it comes to when he has a netbook he will be a professorial.This is really awesome for them because they get to have fun and learn new things.

Term 4 Vocabulary: Energy Definitions Presentation

The Talented One

The talented one

As I looked down beneath my toes I could see the crowd cheering for me and shouting “Go Tupou Go!.” I was really nervous that I could feel fear shivering up my bony spine. I was so freaked out that I was screaming for my mama in my head, but then I said to myself “NO I AM NOT GIVING UP I AM DOING THIS FOR THE CROWD AND MY FAMILY”. So I took a deep breath and took one step at the time very gently and very slowly until
I got to the middle...

I started to wiggle and jiggle a little bit and then that’s when my fears came back. So  I closed my eyes and stood there for about five minutes that’s when the crowd started saying”BOO, BOO, BOO!”. I was so scared that I started shouting”AH AH AH !”. So I closed my eyes one more time before I was going to die and there I saw my great grandpa saying to
me “Someday you will become famous, and you will be famous because you have a talent to balance, so live it” So I said to myself TODAY IS THE DAY!”.

I opened my eyes and looked down and I said to myself “For Grandpa.” I felt confident so I walked slowly and slowly until I saw the end of the line I was so happy that I was nearly done. I got use to walking and balancing, it was so fun then suddenly I had finish. It was finally over I was so proud of myself and so was the crowd.