Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Autobiography

This week I presented my autobiography in front of my class. There are some personal information
I have deleted because I'm being cyber smart.

In my presentation I have shared interesting information about my life, inspirations
and future aspirations.

Who am I?
My name is Tupou , I am twelve years old and also a year eight. I was born in the country New Zealand in the city Auckland. I was not named after anybody in my family. My favourite thing I like to do is do some family bonding with my family. What I hate the most is when there is family violence in the house because that’s how it breaks the family apart.

My Timeline

When I was 1 years old I had learned to walk and talk but not that much.
At the age of two I was much more talkative and I could understand more about what my mum was saying also I liked playing with balls.
3 years later when I had turned 3 I enjoyed having a fun time at the park with my dad and that was also the day I had learnt to swim.
When I was four I learned how to ride a bicycle and loved riding it around the park.
Halfway through my life is when I started school at wesley primary all the way in Mt Roskill and when I returned I had a wonderful
Having my sixth year in New Zealand I moved  In with my nana and had entered another school called Tamaki Primary.
When I had my seventh birthday that was the year when I believed in myself to become a confident swimmer.
At the age of 8 I learnt how to play athletic sports like touch,rugby and soccer.
At nine years old I had a huge passion for drawing because I liked how artist create characters in cartoons and some times I liked spending time by myself. It was also the day I became a confident swimmer.
When I was 10 years old I got very interested in the subject maths at school because I liked learning big numbers and I enjoyed learning new strategies.
11 years of my life had finally came that was the year I liked listening to music because sometimes when I am down it always cheers me up. I joined a soccer team too in Otahuhu.

I quit the soccer team in Otahuhu and joined a league team all the way in pakuranga and loved it alot.
Another life to come and a new discovery.

Steps on how I will achieve my future aspirations

Complete my eighth year in intermediate.
I have my first year in college. The subjects I will have to take to become a freerunner is P.E,Maths and English.
I keep on studying hard till 2018 so I can become what I want to accomplished in the future.


I finish my last year in college.
I want to be self-employed instead of going to university to become a freerunner.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Tri Kids Day

Here is a awesome presentation when Tamaki primary competed in tetrathlon.
Hope you enjoy.