Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ancestral Poem

This is my ancestral poem I have written by myself. It is about
my ancestors how they have lived in the past. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 5 April 2013

My Best Friend Poem

My Best friend

When I feel down and betrayed,
my friend will be there every single day.
When I feel lost and alone,
my friend will be there in every way.

When I feel lonely or can’t play with the among,
my friend will be there to say “come and have fun!”.
When I am not strong or feel wrong,
my friend will be there with a feel-better-song.

He is a like a soft kind bunny that,
can also be sometimes funny.
He is  brave like a knight who always gets ready
for his fight.
He has been there from the beginning to end
and that is why he is my friend.

Even though we fight, sometimes it affects us,
But I do not care because,
for me that’s not the case,
because we are two things that can not
be erased.

By Tupou.

Tupou ,

Tamaki Primary  
School Year 8 Student

Here is a special poem I have written all by myself about my best friend Misimoa. Hope you enjoy reading.