Monday, 21 October 2013

There is no I in team

A lot of what we do on camp involves team work.  What makes a great team?  What are the characteristics of a great team person and their leaders? List your thoughts below ‘wordle’ styles:
1. Encouragement
2. Positive attitude
3. Respect
4. Confidence
5. Team Work
6. Ownership
7. Self-Confidence
8. Trustworthy
9. Contributing
10. Participating
11. Being Mature
12. Being Responsible.
While on camp, it’s important that everybody looks after each other.  We all need a camp buddy to help us keep up with what might be going on.  In the box below, write the name of your CAMP BUDDY - this person will know where you are and look after you while on camp. (Write their name bold and bright)
Tim Fifta

T.P.S Year 8 Camp

What I am looking forward to for the year eight's camp is having fun with all of friends before we all go off to college next year so I want to try make memory's with all of them in our last year in intermediate.
I feel excited that we are going because of all of the fun activities that we are going to do and all of the team building. I look forward to going camp with friends Misimoa and Tim because I get to have fun with them for one week and we get to fun activities with each other so we can have memory's when we are all separated next year.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Katniss Everdine

This is information is describing Katniss everdine from the book The hunger games
by Suzanne Collins. This was created by me and my partner Sau. Hope you enjoy viewing and reading.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Holiday Description

A long day at the movies.

My heart started beating rapidly as I got out of the car making me feel overwhelmed.I felt nervous as I was just walking towards the entry thinking a lot of people might be inside. As I glided through the door taking my two next steps straight away I could detect the smell of the buttery popcorn popping around in the popcorn machine. It was like there was an invisible wall as you walk through the door where on one side you can smell all different kind of foods and the other you only can smell fresh air it felt like a whole different world inside.

As I was walking towards to get our tickets I saw a extended line. It was like everyone was lining up to buy tickets to go see Beyonce concert. I strolled towards back of the line thinking I might be here all night just to get my ticket. As I was waiting in line I looked to the side and my eyes caught a view at the arcade area. I couldn't stop staring it, it looked so cool I just wanted to go play for a few minutes but I couldn't or else I would lose my place in line. When I finished waiting in line for one hour I finally got my ticket and the movie was about to start so I dashed past everyone hoping I would make in time.

I gave my ticket to one of the workers and entered theater 2. I finally made it I feeling exhausted. I tried to look for my seat I was in the k row on seat 11. I sat down and felt alive the seat was so comfortable that I could take a nap on it. The movie started I was so joyful that I made it but right then the negative thing was I fell asleep.

By Tupou Kilisimasi

This my description that I have done for homework. It describes a day when I was at the movies for a long day. Hope you enjoy reading.

Monday, 14 October 2013


For maths Misimoa and I created a Google draw on what we think statistic
means. Hope you enjoy viewing.