Thursday, 16 June 2011

Layers of the Earth

WALT-make a model of the layers of the earth out of

So that when we learn about natural disasters we can use our knowledge of the layers to understand them better and to help us in topic and science and learn about the earth around us.

The layer that is called crust or tectonic plates is the thick and strong green around the sea that floats around in the earth and it contains the continents plus the seas. Are you aware it’s thickness is 15-17km?

The second layer of my model is called the mantle and the other the lower mantle. The deference between the upper mantle is 400km thick and the lower mantle is 2300 thick.

The third layer is the outer core the outer core is the colour red. It’s thickness is 2300km and it is liquid. It includes nickle and also sulphur.

The last layer is the inner core the inner core is the most important layer out of all the other layers is the colour yellow. It is 1220km thick and it is solid iron nickel. The temperature is 6640 degrees Celsius!

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